Limestone Correctional Facility

Limestone Correctional Facility

28779 Nick Davis Rd
Harvest, AL 35749
(256) 233-4600

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limestoneLimestone Correctional Facility opened during October 1984. The facility has about 1,600 acres of land with about 90 acres enclosed by the perimeter fence. Using dormitory type buildings, Limestone has a capacity for 2388 inmates. The facility is located approximately ten miles east of Athens, Alabama and approximately ten miles west of Huntsville, Alabama, in the community of Capshaw, Alabama.
Limestone has a farming and cattle operation.

Limestone Correctional Facility Inmate Visitation

Visitation is a privilege and all prescribed rules, regulations, and procedures of that facility must be followed by you and your visitors. If any of the rules, regulations, or procedures is violated, your visit and your visitation privileges shall be terminated. Upon initial intake into the ADOC, you shall list all immediate family members o n the ADOC Form 303 – F, Inmate Immediate Family Members form. You shall complete ADOC Form 303 – A, Inmate Visitation Form for visitors to be considered to be placed on your active visitation list. You will not be allowed a visit during the first sixty (60) d ays after intake without the permission of the Warden. Visitation hours and days shall be scheduled by the Warden based upon the number of visitors, size of the visitation area, and the institutional security considerations. Visitors may include your imm ediate family such as mother, father, stepparents, foster parents, husband, wife, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, half – siblings, son – in – law, daughter – in – law, mother – in – law, and father – in – law. If you are married, you may not have a friend of the opposite sex. If you are unmarried, you may have one friend of the opposite sex and one friend of the same sex.


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