Red Eagle Work Center

Red Eagle Work Center

1290 Red Eagle Road
Montgomery, AL 36110
(334) 242-2510

Red Eagle Work Center

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Red Eagle Work Center is located at 1290 Red Eagle Road in Montgomery, Alabama and opened in 1972. It is classified as a MINIMUM security male state prison Honor Camp and holds 340 inmates. The inmate population is housed in dormitory cellblocks. Red Eagle Work Center inmates are currently assigned to performing duties for state, city, county, and federal agencies in the Montgomery area. The facility is operated by the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Save 45 % on Red Eagle Work Center Inmate Calls


Alabama Department of Corrections has contracted with Embarq (Century Link) to provide calling and account billing services to all Alabama State Prison inmates. By using Pacific Telephone along with Embarq (Century Link), we can lower the cost of a 15 minute IN-STATE Red Eagle Work Center Call from $6.75 to $3.65 by installing a phone number that’s local to the Alabama Prison your inmate is being held.

  • 15 Minute In-State Call Using Just Embarq = $6.75
  • 15 Minute In-State Call Using Embarq and Pacific = $3.65

Call Pacific Telephone at 866-966-8655.

Start saving 45% on Alabama Prison Calls today!

In order to save money using the Pacific Telephone Call Routing Service, a Red Eagle Work Center inmate must call the local number we provided for them, by paying a local connection fee of $2.75 with their commissary funds to Embarq to get a 15 Minute call out of the prison. Pacific then charges a fee of 6 Cents per minute (90 Cents) to (route) send the call to a loved ones cell or home phone resulting in a savings up to $3.10 per call.

Red Eagle Work Center Inmate Visits

Visitation hours and days shall be scheduled by the Warden based upon the number of visitors, size of the visitation area, and the institutional security considerations. It is advised that you contact Red Eagle Work Center at (334) 242-2510 to verify current visiting hours and policies

Pacific Telephone Company is not affiliated with Embarq, Century Link, or the Alabama Department of Corrections, but is able to legally per a 2013 FCC ruling cut the cost of inmates calls from Red Eagle Work Center.